Why Baby Sitter Jobs Are Perfect for College Students

University tuition is certainly not cheap, and nor are the housing options offered by universities. Over and above this, many parents can’t afford to support their children for four years while they are getting their degrees. Because of this, many college students are taking to the job market and working part time jobs. The problem is that college students have very little free time as it is, and can’t afford to sacrifice study time to working long hours in the evenings. But, fortunately, there happens to be a particular job that is perfectly suited to college students; baby sitting. And, even more fortunately, these jobs are easy to come by if they go through a reputable baby sitter agency.

If you are a university student, you’ll find that a great baby sitter agency can put you in touch with a lot of baby sitter needed positions. And, aside from getting you frequent baby sitter jobs, a good agency will get you some excellent baby sitter rates.

Why Baby Sitting is Perfect for University Students

1. It’s Flexible: Your restaurant job won’t care if you have a big exam coming up and need the night to study. However, with baby sitting, you control your own time and can choose only the jobs you want.

2. It Gives You Downtime: Once you have put the children to sleep, you’re there to ensure their safety. This means that you have to check in on them every so often. However, in between safety checks you have a lot of quiet time to get some quality studying done.

3. You Mainly Work Holidays and Weekends

Your week is full of classes and assignments, and doesn’t leave much room for a job. So it doesn’t help that most part time jobs want you during the week. Baby sitting, on the other hand, has its highest demand during the weekend and over school holidays. This means you’re always off when you’re needed – it’s perfect!

4. It’s Consistent Work

If you do a great job for certain parents, they’ll definitely want you back. Soon you’ll have a few families who offer you frequent jobs, which means you’ll have a consistent cash flow.

5. It’s Good for Your Future

If you want to get into childcare or teaching, baby sitting looks great on your CV. Otherwise, you might just end up working for someone who can put in a good word for you somewhere. Connections are important in careers, and they often come from the most unexpected places.

So, Instead of responding to the odd baby sitter needed ad in the newspaper, and having to settle for sub-par baby sitter rates, sign up with Recruit Easy and have access to a large amount of frequent, well-paying jobs!

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