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Driving is an essential skill to have. So essential in fact, that you can get paid just to drive. There are various types driver jobs in South Africa depending on who you work for and what kind of load you wish to carry. If you are considering a driver career, here are your options.

1.      Taxi driver – South Africa has a lot of people who cannot afford their own cars or they opt not to use their cars from time to time. From minibus taxis, to private meter taxis and even Uber, this option is perfect for someone who prefers to earn money transporting smaller groups of people and on occasion, individuals.

2.      Truck Driver – This option is for someone who is okay with being away from home for prolonged periods of time. This type of job will require you to drive different sizes or trucks and sometimes go across borders to transport a number of goods.
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3.      Private Driver – Some families are looking for a driver for hire to meet whatever transportation needs they might have. Whether it’s to get kids to and from school and extra-curricular activities or to help with the household needs that require a car and driver at the house during the day.

4.      Corporate chauffeur/company driver – This type of job requires you to transport a company’s employees and goods back and forth.

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5.      Bus driver – From the Gautrain bus to the Rea Vaya and Metro buses, drivers play a very important role in South Africa’s public transport system and there are many driver vacancies in this industry, it is just unfortunate that this type of job is plagued by pay disputes.

6.      Courier driver – This is almost the mini version of being a truck driver and can be more locally based. Couriers transport small loads or goods for a company whose services have been enlisted by an individual or another company.

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