Tips for Gardening during a Drought

Drought | Recruiteasy


South Africa’s current drought doesn’t seem to be letting up and such weather conditions affect every aspect of our lives from the economy, to food prices and even private gardens.

Professional garden landscaping and the advice a landscaping service may offer would be the best place to start in order to prepare a garden aimed at saving water. Expert advice on landscaped gardens will lay the foundation for an inexpensive garden that is is easy to maintain in the long run.

Once your dream garden landscape has been set up, the following maintenance tips could help save water.


1. Set up a tank or dishes to collect rainwater to use for watering your garden. Rain in certain parts of the country has been scarce and when it does come, it doesn’t last long. This should not stop you from collecting water for future use.

2. Install and use a clever irrigation system like drip irrigation which, according to can save up to 60% of water used by sprinklers.

3. Water your garden during the cooler parts of the day.

4.  Dig basins around trees to collect the water that will travel deeper into the soil and require you to water the trees less often.

5. Regularly adding compost to soil allows it to retain water better.

6. Mulching your plants properly keeps the soil cool and moist

Drought | Recruiteasy

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7. It is best to plant new plants during autumn so that they settle in during winter, thrive in spring and survive dry summers.

8. Plant plants that cope well in areas with low rainfall

9. Know which plants to group together according to their water needs. A garden landscaping professional can help with this.

There is no reason why a garden should be neglected in the event of a drought and garden landscaping may be the answer to saving water.

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