Tips for acing an interview for a waitron position

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Interviewing for a job as a waitron may seem like a simple enough task for most people, especially those who have worked providing waitron services in the food & beverage industry before. However, you might find that your waitron interview is more like a waitron audition instead, as you could at any moment be asked to demonstrate your skills. As recruiters of the finest waitron services Johannesburg has to offer, we have a few pointers on how to guarantee success the next time you’re interviewing for a job as a waitron.

On top of your skills and job history, you will also be assessed on your personality, presentation and much more, and if the hiring manager is impressed, you might end up getting a firm offer right away!

Waitron clothing and presentation

It is advisable to keep your clothing in the interview on the conservative and smart side, even if the restaurant you’re interviewing at is more casual. Avoid short skirts, torn jeans, sandals and revealing blouses. Women should also avoid wearing too much make-up and rather opt for a more natural but polished look. The same goes for large amounts of jewellery.

During the interview, ask the hiring manager about the dress code of the waitron position, and whether uniforms will be necessary.

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Attitude and character

Waitrons make their living by being friendly, exuberant people who love to please their guests. Instead of trying to describe how great your character is, you should be trying to show your interviewer in person! Smile, be outgoing and very friendly and you’ll be one step closer to sealing the deal.

Work History

It’s always a good idea to take two copies of your CV to an interview, one for your own reference and one for theirs. When describing your past work experience, try not to simply read it off your CV, but rather to give your interviewers a genuine feel for what it was like working there, what your average day at work entailed, and what responsibilities you had. You interviewers might also ask you why you left your previous jobs, so be prepared with answers!


If you’ve never been a waitron before, that doesn’t mean you are automatically at a disadvantage to other candidates with more experience. Most restaurants like to do their own training from beginning to end on all new recruits, so they might be more interested in hiring someone with a sparkling personality rather than additional experience.

Go through your previous jobs and see which of the skills you’ve learned there might be transferable to the role as a waitron. For example, if you have worked as a retail assistant in a clothing store, you probably have a good level of skill in dealing with customers in a friendly and useful way, a quality much sought after in the hospitality industry.

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