Nanny Hire Tips – How to Nail That Interview!

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The nanny hire process is something that most parents are understandably fussy about – after all, the nanny they hire will be responsible for their child’s happiness and safety for potentially many hours each day, and in most cases the candidates they interview will be someone with whom they are completely unfamiliar. That’s why it is so important to make a sparkling first impression when you interview for a job with a new family. As providers of the most professional nanny services Johannesburg has to offer, we receive a lot of feedback from parents regarding their interviews with potential candidates, and we’ve got some interview tips to get you started on your road to becoming the best nanny Johannesburg has ever seen!

  1. Be on time
    You should always strive to be at least 15 minutes early for an interview, but occasionally being a little late is unavoidable. In cases like this, it is vital that you have the parents’ phone number on hand so that you can notify them and apologise before you arrive, and still manage to get the interview off to a good start.Nanny at Recruit Easy
  2. Dress smartly
    Even though being a nanny is a relatively casual occupation in most cases, it always helps to look professional and polished. Avoid revealing clothing, excessive jewellery and makeup, and be sure to keep your nails relatively short and spotlessly clean.
  3. Smile!
    As soon as the door is opened to you, give your interviewers your biggest, brightest smile. In many occupations, pleasantness and a friendly character are not incredibly important, but when you are dealing with children, it is a definite advantage, and will help set the parents’ minds at ease.
  4. Wash your hands
    If you are being introduced to a family baby, particularly infants under six months old, it will never fail to impress the parents if you make a point of washing your hands before you touch their children. This is particularly important if you have taken public transport to get to your interview, as these vehicles are well known to be breeding grounds for germs.
  5. Be friendly to the children
    If children are present in the interview, make sure you greet them warmly as soon as you meet them. You may even like to crouch or kneel in order to get onto their level when you meet them and ask them a little about themselves. The children’s reaction to your presence will be a strong influence on whether their parents feel comfortable leaving them with you.
  6. Be prepared!
    You might be unexpectedly asked a question regarding first aid, or posing an emergency scenario and asking what course of action you would take. It is always a great idea to brush up on topics of a child-rearing nature before your interview to make sure you don’t drop the ball.


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