Keep Your Garden Green This Winter with Help from a Gardener Agency

The South African winter can be particularly cruel to gardens. The coastal cities see enough rain to ensure that their gardens turn into sludgy mud pits, while the interior has frost and endless dry periods to contend with, creating dry, brittle, and sparse tufts of brown grass. In either case, keeping your garden green can be exceptionally hard. Our country’s winter often sees homeowners resort to drastic measures in order to try to keep their gardens looking attractive, like the expensive installation of paved areas or even Astroturf. But, if you want a far more cost effective way to keep your garden looking great this winter, it’s time to get hold of a gardener agency and post a gardener needed ad.

Why Gardener Rates Should Go Up in Winter

Gardener jobs are difficult at any given time, but they are especially difficult during the winter months. Fortunately for South African lawns, gardener rates stay consistent across the year, but, just to give you an idea of what gardeners have to deal with when the weather turns cold, here are some of the common problems for grass in winter:

1. Dehydration

In the drier areas of the country, winter is like a death warrant for gardens. The temperatures can drop below zero in some parts, which means frost is a major factor. Frost, of course, can ravage a lawn. And, if the frost doesn’t get it, the lawn is in danger of drying out to the point of death.

2. Saturation

In some parts of the country, winter means water – that is, plenty of water falling from the sky in the form of rain. This can mean too much moisture in the root system of the grass which can greatly inhibit its ability to grow.

3. Wintergrass

Wintergrass is the name given to Poa Annua due to its affinity for taking over lawns in the cooler months. This finely leafed grass is light green, though bright, and can cover your lawn at an alarming rate, choking your grass as it does.

4. Incorrect Fertilisation

Using nitrogen-rich fertiliser in winter isn’t ideal. Instead, you want a phosphate-rich fertiliser to encourage root development. Fertilising incorrectly can greatly hamper your lawn’s growth.

The Benefit of Hiring a Professional Gardener

You can avoid all of these difficult pitfalls through an experienced and professional gardener – which is absolutely the best way to keep your lawn green this winter. So, instead of posting your gardener jobs in the local paper, contact us and let us post a gardener
needed ad on our efficient and far-reaching website for you.

This way you’ll get the best help possible, which gives your garden the best chance of staying a lush and vibrant green this winter.

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