About us

Best Domestic Work Recruitment Agency in South Africa

Recruit Easy is a recruitment agency in South Africa that provides an invaluable service to employers and employees in the domestic work sector.

We search for reliable and suitable candidates that will perfectly match the requirements of employers. We aim to make both job seekers and employers happy by pairing up those that have the required expertise and skills with those that are looking for a dependable and skilful worker.

The positions that we deal with are housekeepers, housemen, nannies, gardeners, drivers, and waitrons.

We only add people to our database that have been fully vetted and checked, and this ensures the best service for both employers and employees. Firstly, only those who are determined and hard-working will have the opportunity to find a good job, and secondly, employers can relax in the knowledge that we have taken all of the worry and hassle out of ensuring that workers are dependable and trustworthy.

Our aim is to make the recruitment process as easy and quick as possible.

For employers, it can be time-consuming having to find an appropriate domestic worker, and stressful at times, too, particularly when important items and people are entrusted into their care, such as children with nannies.
Similarly, for domestic workers, we understand that having a job is all important and there is not a minute available to waste searching for a position.

Our offices are located in Rivonia, Johannesburg, however, we provide our valuable service to people all over South Africa.

We are aware of the difficulties that are faced by domestic workers and employers in the South African climate, and we use our expertise and experience to provide the best online domestic recruitment service in the country.